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In Loco Media


Redesign In Loco Media’s site - greatest mobile advertising platform in Brazil -, giving attention to both enterprise stakeholders: Advertisers and Publishers. Also creating an international expansion version.


The In Loco Media's site, before the redesign, was focused only on advertisers. This was considered a problem because the enterprise also had publishers as stakeholders. As different groups, they have different intentions when contacting In Loco: the former wants to show their brand/product and the latter wants to monetize their apps. So it was necessary to give attention to both, clarifying that In Loco could help them, without one detracting importance from the other.


Research and Ideation

The process has begun with a chat between the team - a designer and me - and the CEO to align enterprise goals and how the new site would help to reach these objectives. We also talked to the CMO, in order to identify what the marketing team intended, and which discourse we could use on the site.

In Loco Media's main page sketch

In Loco Media's main page sketch

This step has been very important and critical because we've needed to identify and find a way to communicate these goals through the site pages. And try to solve inconsistencies created by the former site.

We've identified that the live version was a bit confusing, it didn't explain clearly what In Loco Media does. We also saw a higher emphasis for advertisers than for publishers. This was something that we needed to fix because one of the business goals was: to increase the number of apps on their platform.

Another problem which we've figured out in other meetings was: advertisers don't understand very well how mobile ads work. And this was critical! Since if the client doesn't understand the product/service, he/she hardly would pay for it.

We also accessed the Google Analytics' account to use these informations to understand how had been the behavior of users who access the site. In addition, we've started to use Mixpanel, other software analytics tool - but an event-based one, in contrast to Google Analytics, a view-based one - to understand the users' interest in the content.

High fidelity prototype of In Loco Media's home page High fidelity prototype of In Loco Media's home page

High fidelity prototype of In Loco Media's home page


After two weeks identifying the objectives, problems and good site aspects, we started a next step: prototyping and graphic designing. We brought up all important pages that would solve the listed problems, using the minimum viable product - MVP - to conceptualize, build and test it.

In Loco Media's page flow sketch

In Loco Media's page flow sketch

We created a low fidelity paper version of all new screens, to check if those pages really would fulfill every redesign goal. So, we did some usability tests with stakeholders to identify what was right or not.

After the tests and some adjusts in the paper prototype, we advanced to high fidelity prototype. For this, we used softwares like Photoshop, Sketch and Zeplin.


After all screens created we started the development. This step was relatively simple, taking few sprints - we were using Scrum for project management. In Loco Media used to use Wordpress as base, this helped to build the main site structure. However, various elements needed to be built from scratch.